Sent By Love

May 10th, 2024

Job 22:21-30

An outgrowth of Christian faith is that we share in the compassion of our God. Followers of Jesus serve their needy neighbors by providing clothes and food. Out of a heart of love, we collect presents for a Christmas toy drive. As an act of compassion, we send funds to dig wells for fresh water in foreign countries.

Jesus’ love draws us toward those nearby, who are wrestling with despair. Sometimes, the fruit of their personal sins has grown bitter. Other times, it is the poor decisions of someone else that has led them to personal pain and grief. Often, this is the simple reality of broken people living in a fallen world.

The compassion of the Holy Spirit within us cries out in intercession to the Father. Sometimes the most encouraging words we can say are, “I’m praying for you.” Sometimes, we stop for prayer immediately in the moment of crisis and despair, because our God hears and answers. Sometimes, God even uses us to be that answer.

Author: Caleb Reynolds


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