Walking The Goat

May 9th, 2024

Matthew 5:21-26

Once upon a time, we had two goats. My girls loved them. My wife loved them. They loved watching the goats frolic and play. My relationship with the goats was more complicated. I had to load them in the truck and bring them home from the farm where we bought them. I talked it out with the neighbor when they jumped the fence and grazed on his imported irises. I strung the electric fence to keep them corralled. Goats can be fun, if you let them do what they want. Yet when you need them to do what you want, it can be a totally different experience.

Imagine the ancients bringing a goat to the temple in Jerusalem as their offering. I can’t walk a goat for a block, let alone 5, 10, or 20 miles.

Now, hear the word of the Lord. Take your offering back home. It’s no good until you reconcile with your brother or sister. Perhaps the goat is not the uncooperative one in the relationship. It may be easier to walk the goat home than to humble myself and mend fences with my brother or sister.

Author: Caleb Reynolds


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