November 7th, 2011


Joshua 3:8-10

After 400 years in Egypt and 40 years of desert wandering, it had all come down to this one night. A couple million (maybe more) people camped beside the Jordan. Everyone waited for the ark of the covenant to move. Anticipation hung like a thick fog in the air.


That evening, Joshua gave God’s people a two-word command, “Consecrate yourselves.” What exactly was he asking the people to do? Joshua was asking each person to search their heart and do something individually. Here “consecrate” is a verb meaning to do a thing irrevocably—permanently. Joshua is telling them to irrevocably and permanently turn their hearts to the Lord. Only then would they be prepared to fully experience what the Lord had in store for them.


This evening the Lord showed his people, and us, how to approach him. His wonders await the irrevocably committed, permanently dedicated believer. Why does the believer need to be in this condition? The uncommitted heart will see and experience God’s wonders and then imagine it accomplished these wondrous things on its own. Be committed. Be irrevocably dedicated. God is ready to display his wonders.



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