Dry Ground in the Middle of a Flood

November 8th, 2011

Joshua 3:9-17RG AUDIO 1108

Yesterday Joshua promised wonders from the Lord. Today the wonders arrived and everyone saw them with their own eyes! When the feet of the priests carrying the ark of the covenant stepped into the flooding Jordan waters the flooding waters stopped flowing. Downstream from the crossing, the waters flowed away quickly into the Dead Sea. The priests stood right there in what moments ago was a torrent of rushing waters. No mud. No puddles. No slipping and sliding. They were standing on dry ground.


My guess is that had we been among that throng of people hustling across the river on dry ground, we may have cast an anxious glance upstream to the right. We might have even feared for our own safety except for the patient priests standing there on the dry ground holding the ark. God’s promise lay ahead, on the other side.


Life is a repeated crossing of flooding Jordans for most of us. Don’t look upstream, the waters are building. Don’t look downstream, the waters are gone. Look ahead to Canaan where our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ awaits us. Walk across on the dry ground of his Word and salvation.


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