Dangerous Wealth

November 6th, 2011


Mark 10:17-29

A 42-year banking career has confirmed a well-known truth to John: wealth can have a hold on people more powerful than drugs, sex, power, relationships, or influence.

Jesus cut to the very core of one man who appeared to be genuinely looking for eternal life. The man knew about obedience and works. But the one thing he didn’t know was his own heart.


Jesus put his finger on the controlling issue in this man’s heart—his great wealth. The seeker’s wealth held him in a grip so strong that even a personal invitation to eternal life from the lips of our Lord himself could not unloose the golden bonds.


Will it be impossible for rich people to enter the kingdom? Absolutely not! Why will it be terribly difficult? The strength of wealth’s hold on the human heart is incalculable. Only God can relax wealth’s grip. And just because you might not be wealthy, don’t think today’s verse does not apply to you. The love of money—not its possession—is the root of all evil. Put love of God and his kingdom first. Only then will wealth—or the lack of it—cease to be an eternal issue in your life.


One Response to “Dangerous Wealth”

  1. Bob Worthman Says:

    November 6th, 2011 at 11:28 am

    I started regular tithing soon after I first accepted Jesus into my heart over 16 years ago. But then about 8 years ago I came into some extra money that I thought I would just keep all for myself in my personal savings account. For almost 6 months I robbed God of the tithes that I owed Him. Finally the conviction was too much and I withdrew enough for the tithe plus an extra offering and marched the check down to the church secretary. As soon as I delivered the check it was as if a ton of weight was lifted off my shoulders. Yes, I know from experience that…”Only God can relax wealth’s grip.”

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