No Doubt Instructions

April 4th, 2024

Romans 12:9-16

Any parent who has left an older child at home to watch over younger siblings knows that they remember many of the important instructions just as they are walking out the door. Usually, the parent will quickly bark those instructions.

Paul was certainly the spiritual “parent” of the Roman church. He gave strict instructions to the believers. In many ways, the Roman church was still a child, spiritually speaking. Rome was inundated with immorality of every kind, corruption, pursuit of power and social status—not unlike our own culture. It was difficult for the church to be set apart and different from all of these things that were around them: assimilation would have been much easier. Paul’s short, emphatic instructions were in direct opposition to these pursuits, and they left no room for doubt.

God’s Word was relevant in Rome and it is still relevant today. These are emphatic words spoken by Paul to a church in a place similar to our own churches in our own culture today. Let us take these instructions to heart.

Author: Rachelle “Shelly” Miller


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