We Have the Mind of Christ

February 23rd, 2024

James 1:19-27

There is kindness and good in the world, but there is also a lot of anger and hate. James observes that human anger does not produce the kind of righteousness that God desires. When we are quick-tempered and harsh-tongued, we create an environment in which love and grace cannot flourish.

James urges believers to “get rid of all moral filth.” He is not referring to the many cultural flashpoints that often dominate conversations in the modern church; rather, he is urging Christians to rid themselves of contempt, to clothe themselves with compassion, and to reject worldly attitudes and behaviors.

The church is to give special honor to the poor and needy and to avoid showing favoritism to the rich and powerful. “Getting rid of moral filth,” begins with accepting the words of Jesus, so that we may have the mind of Christ and embody His character in the world. This is how we are saved—not only in the sense of redemption from our sins, but also the renovation of our hearts.

Author: Albert Hung

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