Faithfulness Leads To More

February 13th, 2024

Luke 16:10-15

We have two children under the age of 10 who often act like they are 30 and ready to tackle just about anything. We often tell them that, if they consistently demonstrate to us that they can handle small tasks, we can then trust them with bigger responsibilities.

Jesus says a similar thing in Luke 16, and to some extent, it’s a bit surprising: The way we handle money—which He calls “things of little value”—is the training ground for us to be entrusted with things of greater value.

Ultimately, those who want to be disciples of Jesus must make a decision as to whether they will use their resources for the greater goals and the greater glory of their Master, or whether they will simply cherish them for their own sake.

Jesus wants His disciples to develop a character marked by integrity, dependability, generosity, and grace. The road to being true disciples goes through giving earthly riches the rather small value they have in the eyes of God.

Author: Davide Cantarella


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