Godly Consistency

February 14th, 2024

Genesis 41:33-43

Imagine the surprise on Pharaoh’s face and on the faces of his aides when the young Hebrew convict they brought in was able not only to interpret the ruler’s strange dream in great detail, but also to clearly spell out (on the spot!) an ingenious strategy to prepare for what was to come.

The striking thing is that I don’t think Joseph walked into that room thinking he was going to become the CEO of Egypt. Based on his past experience, he probably would have been happy to just make a good impression on Pharaoh and regain his freedom.

However, godly stewardship always brings greater results than we expect. Joseph had been a godly steward in the house of Potiphar; unfortunately, however, the results he reaped had been negative. Yet, his consistent godly stewardship, even in prison, eventually led him to recognition and success.

Joseph’s story is a good reminder today that God honors good stewardship, even when people don’t. The results will come, even if they now seem far off.

Author: Davide Cantarella


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