Long-Lasting Investments

February 12th, 2024

Luke 16:1-9

Living under the constant pressures of consumerism, we are tempted to invest what the Lord has given us in ephemeral goods that have temporary value. In this light, it’s very ironic that, according to Jesus, we should be more like the shrewd, but dishonest, manager in Luke 16.

The story’s protagonist is suddenly called up by his master and told that he is about to lose his job. First, however, he needs to provide an accounting of all the debts his master has still to collect. So, the manager has one more chance to use his master’s resources to build his own future. He decides that the best way of helping himself is by reducing the owed amounts of his master’s debtors. They get a good discount, and he, in turn, is likely to get help from them in the future.

Notice that Jesus does not praise the dishonesty of the manager, but his ability to use the resources given to him to gain something longer lasting. So, let’s ask the Lord today to help us make good, wise use of the resources He has given us for His eternal glory.

Author: Davide Cantarella

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