Confession, Redemption, and Mercy

February 11th, 2024

Proverbs 28:7-14

Lying was second nature to me in middle school. I do not envy my parents, and probably have received my just dessert with a few of my own children. One summer, a friend and I snuck out of the house. We hitched a ride with a neighbor to another part of town and hung out until late. On our way home, we were frightened by some guys driving by, stopped at a friend’s house, and asked her mom to take us home. She took us home. She also definitely told my parents. I was absolutely grounded from life all summer that year!

Now, would I have concealed this from my parents if I had been given that option? You bet. However, what was best for me and my safety was for my sneaking and lying to be put on full display. My parents were not unjust. They simply loved me enough to guide me toward what was right.

Later in life, there were times when I did come forward and share my mistakes. Confession, redemption, and mercy all go hand in hand. As God offers them to us, we offer them to others. This is the kingdom of God.

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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