February 10th, 2024

Galatians 6:1-6

When our kids were little, we bought a house in Centerburg, Ohio. We loved that home. It did not always love us. We couldn’t afford much at the time, so we looked for a home that could use some restoration. And boy did it ever. The windows were falling in, the flooring was missing in several rooms, and every inch of the house needed to be painted.

Just like our little home, lives are damaged by the misuse of life. Sin breaks the windows, beats up the floors, and damages the walls. It leaves cracks and dents, some that are evident to any onlooker, but others run deeper and can only be found after careful inspection. The restoration took months of gentle hands, hard work, and TLC to make this house our home.

It is the same with the beaten down, broken-hearted, sin-scarred people in our lives. Paul reminds us to restore them gently. No sledgehammers needed here, just the tender loving care of godly friends who want to see their spirit renewed.

Author: Rachel Kuhn


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