Just As You Are

February 7th, 2024

Luke 15:20-24

It was my first college public speaking class, and it was the first speech of the year. I rehearsed the words a thousand times in my mind, repeating the lines, hoping to express them perfectly. I wanted an “A,” of course, but more than that, I wanted to convince my peers that I could do it! I wanted to impress Dr. Bridges and give him a reason to be proud of me.

This may all seem silly for an introductory freshman-level college course, but it goes back to the nature of humanity. We want to be seen, accepted, and heard. I can imagine that this prodigal son rehearsed his lines from the pigpen to his father’s pastures. He wanted to be heard and seen, but mostly he wanted to be pardoned.

What this father did, the words he spoke, are the same words that God is waiting to share with all who have run away. There is no need to rehearse or find the perfect phrase—simply go to Him today. He loves you where you are, just as you are, and He has a preplanned celebration waiting just for you!

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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