Yes, Everything

February 8th, 2024

Luke 15:25-32

As I write this, my oldest son is starting his last semester in college. He is a finance major, which makes no sense at all to many, but he loves people and numbers. It is right where the Lord has led him to be. Over Christmas break, he asked us to be guinea pigs for his financial planning project. We agreed. During the interview, Ryan said, “I know that you believe that everything you have is God’s, and you treat your money this way, too.”

Luke 15 reveals the other side of this concept. We believe that everything we have is the Lord’s; yet here we are reminded that everything that the Father owns is ours as well! Wow! Everything? God does not hold back from us or hoard all the good in the world for himself. He welcomes us to His table as His children. This love of God is extravagantly generous and yet right in line with His character. He didn’t even hold back His own Son for our benefit. He is pouring out His blessings for us and to us, because of His great love for us.

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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