Not Forsaken

January 21st, 2024

Psalm 37:18-28

Have you ever been at the crossroads of a big decision and found yourself making a list of the pros and cons between the choices you need to make? If you read Psalm 37 with that kind of list in mind, you will see the formation of evidence between choosing to live among the faithful or the wicked.

Life among the wicked includes harsh words like: perish, enemy, consumed, smoke, curses, and destroyed. In contrast, when painting the picture of what it is to live among the faithful, we find these descriptions: under the Lord’s care, inheritance that endures forever, will not wither, enjoy plenty, firm steps, will not fall, dwell forever, and not forsaken.

The reality for us is that we live in a world where both of these realms exist. Wickedness will cause pain and suffering. The faithful will not be guaranteed easy or perfect circumstances, but they are promised they will not be forsaken by God.

Author: Karolyn Parsons

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