Would You Believe?

November 29th, 2023

Luke 1:18-25

“He’ll never change.” I’m guilty of speaking these faithless words about a family member who has caused deep pain for many, myself included. Such hopelessness is only sprinkled into my normal posture of crying out in prayer for him, but sometimes I wonder how I would respond if he called and said he had surrendered his life to God; would I believe, or would I doubt?

Day after day, Elizabeth and Zechariah prayed for a son. Zechariah was righteous and devout, yet his response to the angel revealed a crack in his faith: He prayed desperately for an heir but had begun to doubt in his heart that God could actually move in such an incredible way. Yes, he believed eventually (maybe when he was silenced or possibly not until it was undeniable that his wife was pregnant), but he missed the opportunity to rejoice when he first received the divine message.

What prayer have you been praying for as long as you can remember? If that mountain were moved today, would you respond with doubt-filled questions, or would you praise our miracle-working God?

Author: Miranda Musick


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