Atmosphere of Worship

October 20th, 2023

Acts 13:1-5

The early church at Antioch was following the instructions of Jesus as given in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus says, “when you . . . ” throughout the sermon. This means that generosity, prayer, and fasting are not optional for those who follow after Jesus. All those who follow Jesus should take part in these practices. Those who were a part of church in Antioch were worshiping, fasting, and praying.

They heard from the Spirit in the atmosphere of worship, fasting, and prayer. They were being faithful to follow the instructions of Jesus given to them. Seemingly simple and mundane, but these practices of worship, fasting, and prayer made it possible for them to hear from the Holy Spirit.

Once they heard from the Holy Spirit, they didn’t stop! They continued to pray and fast as they sent out Barnabas and Saul.  These two men knew that the church in Antioch would continue to pray and fast for them. The church in Antioch was faithful; Barnabas and Saul were faithful. Both are needed! Those who are faithful in prayer and those who are faithful to go where the Holy Spirit leads.

Author: Cara Shonamon

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