Come Near To God

September 29th, 2023

James 4:4-10

Years ago phones were attached to walls instead of hips. We rotated a dial to make calls. We paid extra to talk with people outside our community; it was called long-distance calling (for those under 40 years old). Then it seemed like the world was larger. The people we loved felt farther away. We were willing to pay more to talk to them because the financial sacrifice was worth it. Now we’re blessed with cell phones, social media apps, and video calling that connect us instantly to anyone anywhere in the world.

God’s word reminds us that if God seems far away, it’s not because He went somewhere. Instead, our choices have caused a rift in our relationship with Him. Scripture also teaches us that the solution to the long-distancing effect of our sins is a simple decision to “come near to God.” We get to do that because of His grace and our humble faith. God’s promise is to come near to those who choose to come near to Him.

Choose to resist the devil, humbly receive God’s grace, and live nearer to God daily.

Author: Chad Garinger


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