God Is Gracious Toward Us

September 28th, 2023

John 1:9-18

Our church hosts an annual festival for our community. Dozens of local businesses and organizations donate door prizes for us to give out to the folks that visit our campus. Visitors receive gifts they did absolutely nothing to earn. Every year grateful children and parents thank us for gifts God provided through the generosity of strangers. Some are overwhelmed with gratitude for gifts they receive that they’d recently been praying for.

By the time John wrote his gospel, the disciples of Christ had received the grace of God through faith in our risen Savior. They had seen the miracles, watched Christ suffer, die, and rise again. They had founded the Church and had begun spreading the gospel to the whole world. In every town, every synagogue, every conversation, they spoke of the undeserved grace they’d received.

As believers, we’ve received the ultimate gift of God’s grace, our eternal salvation. This is the prize for which we’ve been called heavenward. It’s not just a gift we’ve received for ourselves, but also a gift we can freely offer those who have yet to accept it.

Author: Chad Garinger

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