Teach According to People’s Needs

August 7th, 2023

Titus 2:1-8

Flight attendants have a litany of safety information every passenger needs to know. Often, passengers are much more interested in finding something else to listen to or watch. Yet, most eyes will look up for a moment, when the flight attendants demonstrate the release of the oxygen masks. Passengers with children are asked to place their own oxygen mask on first so they will not lose consciousness before the child. Otherwise, both parent and child are in peril.

Christians are encouraged to teach “sound doctrine” to everyone regardless of social status. The word “sound” in the original language is the root for the English word “hygiene.” In other words, the teachings of Jesus are healthy, life giving, and contribute to the well-being of all people. It is the same word used by Jesus in Luke 5:31: “It is not the healthy [sound] who need a doctor, but the sick.”

Followers of Jesus teach this life-renewing Word of God by living it out before the eyes of all people.

Author: Matt Price

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