By Grace, Salvation is for All

August 8th, 2023

Titus 2:9-15

Some people will arrive on time or even early. Others will always be 20 minutes late no matter what they do. They cannot get their schedules to match the time on the clock! Life is a continuous and precarious effort to keep everything in balance. 

The idea of self-control is related to staying in balance with the Spirit in this world. There is a competition for one’s soul: the passions of this world versus the righteous and godly focus of the gospel. Self-control is not the ability to stay between the lines but to live in moderation. Self-control is the capacity for taking in God’s Word practically and living it out in daily life.

Self-control in the original language is a combination of words: “balanced” and “mindset.” It is related to the word “diaphragm,” the bodily organ that regulates the muscles of respiration, keeping lungs filled with fresh air. It’s the part of the body that ancient people believed was the seat of the soul, the regulator of moral life. There is enough air for all of us, so breathe deeply the breath of God!

Author: Matt Price


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