Showers of Blessing

March 10th, 2023

Acts 12:5-11

James was put to death and the people of God were under tremendous pressure and persecution. The situation grew worse when Peter was seized and imprisoned. The church received victory by gathering to pray.

It has been said that God moves the world through the prayers of His people. The believers loved the Lord, their leaders, the church, and lost souls. The prayer meetings brought boldness, miracles, and joy in the Holy Spirit, resulting in the Lord daily adding souls to the church.

The enemy had hindered their work and imprisoned their leader. As they prayed in agreement with the Holy Spirit, the army of heaven began to minister, breaking chains of darkness and opening prison doors. James said the effective fervent prayer of the believer has great impact. The impact is multiplied when we gather in the name of Jesus and intercede for our pastors, churches, and the world.

Revival can break out in the Church, and the message of scriptural holiness will transform nations.

Author: Bill Sawyer


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