Praying For Deliverance

March 9th, 2023

Daniel 6:6-14

When the enemy came in like a flood, Daniel knew that the solution and deliverance would be found through prayer. Daniel spent time in prayer every morning, noon, and evening. His heart was tuned to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Daniel consistently approached the throne of grace and was certain he would receive mercy in his time of need.

Daniel was in the habit praying and receiving direct, definite, and specific answers to prayer. Through God’s word and the Spirit, Daniel received full assurance of His good, pleasing, and perfect will. The Spirit gave witness there was still work for Daniel to complete for the kingdom. Through prayer, heaven shut the mouths of lions and secured deliverance.

Consistent daily times in prayer will tune our hearts to sing His praise and pray according to His will. As we delight in Him, our desires align with His plan so we can pray fervently—certain to receive what we ask for in prayer.

His incomparably great resurrection power is available for those who come to Him in faith.

Author: Bill Sawyer


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