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January 5th, 2023

Acts 20:28-38

As a mom of four young adult missionary kids, Teanna can testify to the pain of saying goodbye. These are moments of intense emotion for a mother who knows the vulnerability of her children and the dangers of the world. There is a deep desire to express the important last thoughts, words, wishes, and prayers. Mothers know that words carry life, they buoy in times of trouble, they remind of what is dearest, important, and vital. They warn of danger.

For the last time on this side of eternity, Paul wants to say everything that is in his heart. His tells the Ephesians to support one another, to lean together, and look to God. Moreover, Paul being aware of the dangers that this group will face, admonishes them to be aware of danger and watch out for one another.

Though we are far removed from the goodbye in Ephesus, we are inheritors of Paul’s admonition to watch out and to support one another as together, we look towards God. Among the flock that God has given into your care, who is vulnerable today and how can you support them?

Author: Teanna Sunberg


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