The Bible’s Message Is Reliable

December 26th, 2022

2 Peter 1:12-21

Elizabeth Carter Howell was a recorded Quaker minister in northwestern Kansas. She never missed an opportunity to share the gospel, especially with her own family and friends. 

During her later years, the extended family gathered annually to celebrate her birthday. Forty-four people attended her 86th birthday party in 1931. The local newspaper reported the event. “Following dinner Mrs. Howell called the children together, stating that she had a message for them. She had prepared a sermon especially for her family and delivered it in a manner which was appreciated by them as a rare gift.”

Elizabeth was much like Peter in 2 Peter 1. Both knew they weren’t long for this world and wanted to remind their listeners of the reliability of the Bible’s message. Although Elizabeth hadn’t been an eyewitness like Peter, she had experienced a personal relationship with Jesus that she yearned for others to share.

Take this opportunity to “refresh your memory.” Consider writing down your salvation experience to share with family and friends.

Author: Karen Hiner

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