Am I Still On The Road?

December 25th, 2022

Psalm 119:9-16

I am not a fan of snow. One reason is driving. Often, if you drive carefully, snow is not a problem. However, there are times when everything is covered, the snow is still falling, and you just can’t see the road. You drive carefully, hoping you are still on the road.

Some locations are not used to snow—they receive very little, very infrequently. The American mid-south will virtually stop if a dusting of snow occurs because they aren’t prepared for the rare show of snow. Expectations and preparation impacts our ability to stay on the road.

The Psalmist asks how someone can stay on the road of purity. The simple answer is to live according to God’s word. Preparation for life on the road of purity includes not just want being removed or avoided, but what is added: discipleship, worship, fellowship, sacrifice. When we expect and prepare for travel hazards, we can trust the Spirit to guide us on the road of purity.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson


One Response to “Am I Still On The Road?”

  1. Charlo Says:

    December 25th, 2022 at 8:46 am

    Appropriate devotional since a lot of the country is experiencing blizzard conditions. May they all be prepared.

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