The Bible’s Message Is Trustworthy

December 27th, 2022

Titus 1:1-9

My parents married 86 years ago today. The Depression and Dust Bowl were still wreaking havoc in northwestern Kansas, but they came from families who read the Bible and prayed daily and went to church every Sunday. They entered marriage with these same values. 

Twelve years later, and now with four children, they purchased and moved to a farm in the Gary community of eastern Colorado. The nearest town had a church of their denomination, but it was seventeen miles away. Several years earlier, however, someone had planted a Church of the Nazarene just three miles from their farm. Our family started attending and soon joined the church.

Seven years later, they sold the farm and moved the family to Idaho, to be near Northwest Nazarene College. They wanted their children to have the opportunity of a Christian education.

Although my parents could not have known all the twists and turns life would bring them, their trust in God’s Word and prayer saw them through. They not only obeyed God, but set an example for future generations.

Author: Karen Hiner

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