Offer Yourself to God

December 17th, 2022

Romans 6:8-14

Our dog was rescued from a highway ditch. He was malnourished, little, weak, and unable to care for himself. If he had not been rescued, he surely would have died. His natural response to being saved has been his faithfulness and loving devotion to us. He offers himself to us as if he knows that without us, he would not be alive.   

Without Christ our lives are meaningless, hopeless, and destined for eternal death. God has offered us the gift of eternal life through relationship with Him through Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. We have been brought from death to life by God’s grace. 

Like my dog, may we be faithful and loving as a response to being saved from death. Our response of faithful and loving service to God is not only an act of appreciation for God, but also an act of love for our neighbors. Our service will surely contribute to other people also being brought from death to life!

Author: Courtney Coombs

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