New Life

December 16th, 2022

Romans 6:1-7

One Christmas Cortney’s husband gave her a gift that she didn’t really appreciate. It was an electronic pressure cooker for quick cooking. She didn’t think that she needed it nor that it would help her much with meal preparation. She tried to exchange it, but the time when they would accept returns had passed. She stuck it in a closet and left the box unopened for an entire year. One day she heard about some of the meals she could make in it. She decided to accept the gift and begin using it. It made meal preparation so easy that it changed her life. 

Jesus’ birth, death, and resurrection is a gift that many do not appreciate. We don’t realize that we need Him. We try to exchange what He has to offer for other things. We figuratively or literally put God in the closet and forget about Him. 

There is a new life that has been gifted to us, but we have to choose to open it and accept it. Today, and every day, is a good time to open God’s gift and share it with others!

Author: Courtney Coombs

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