Hand It Over

December 10th, 2022

2 Corinthians 5:11-21

In the world of content creation and publishing, you scramble for the copyright. This ensures that your material can’t be used without your permission. You have control of the content. You own the rights to your story. Maintaining command of your own story matters.

Unfortunately, (and often unwittingly) we take up this same “all rights reserved” posture with Jesus. That need to control our story translates into a “tug of war faith” with Jesus. We want Jesus to redeem our story, but we want to maintain the copyright. We want Him to edit the less than favorable portions of our story and ensure the final chapter has a positive outcome, but we want a stake in what happens in each subsequent chapter.

This isn’t the way redemption works. There’s only one way for our story to flourish. Flourishing means yielding our story wholly and fully to God, aligning our intentions with God’s glory and neighborly love. To live the redemptive story is to yield the pen of our lives.

Author: Jeff Stark


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