Just a Taste

December 9th, 2022

2 Corinthians 5:1-10

I was the one that hovered about the kitchen during family gatherings, holidays, and feasts. It was never to help, only to lurk. Anxiously, I’d stroll through the kitchen, getting in the way of the bustling meal preparers, eager for “just a taste.” All I wanted was a taste. I’d often hear the same refrain from whichever matriarch was in charge of that meal, (come on, say it with me): “You’ll ruin your dinner.”

I’ve never understood that statement. I can’t say I remember ever ruining my appetite for the meal from a few tastes and lingering scraps at the edge of pans. Secondly, that’s not how tastes work. Tastes don’t spoil the appetite; they build the anticipation. When we get a taste, we eagerly anticipate what is ahead.

That’s how the Holy Spirit works in believer’s lives. Keenly aware that the fullness of our redemption will be made known through Christ and in His return, we are given the Holy Spirit as a taste, “a guarantee of what is to come.” The Holy Spirit doesn’t spoil the grand banquet of glory but builds anticipation for its coming.

Author: Jeff Stark


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