Revolutionary Vision

December 11th, 2022

Revelation 12:1-10

There’s more than meets the eye within the Christmas story. Though there are elements of chaos, many of our renderings of the nativity are wrapped in peace and serenity.

Joseph and Mary kneel beside a child wrapped in swaddling cloth. The shepherds peer inquisitively into the stable, trying to glimpse the angel-heralded child. Even the animals are well-behaved. The star shines brightly, casting its glow upon this monumental, though under-promoted event.

Led behind the cosmic curtain, John “sees” a realm that suggests “there’s more than meets the eye.” Behind the trappings of “silent nights” and “little drummer boys” is an upheaval of heavenly proportions. Raging against the impending coronation of the king of kings, the powers of darkness muster their power to stop the redemptive work of God. However, tearing the thin veil that separates heaven and earth, through Christ’s birth, God inaugurates a divine revolution of love and peace that renders the greatest efforts of evil . . . vanity.

Author: Jeff Stark

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