Meant For Us

October 23rd, 2022

Acts 13:16-26

It would likely have been quite entertaining to be a fly on the wall as Paul preached this little sermon. In verses 16-22, he had them. Jewish listeners in that synagogue were locked in as he told their story, the story they knew so well. He might even have been getting a few “amens!” thrown in there.

Then Paul got to verse 23. Everything changed at verse 23. This Pharisee, trained in the Scriptures and brought up in the faith, stood before them subverting everything they knew with verse 23. If you read past Paul’s sermon to the end of the chapter, you’ll see that there were many who came to believe. Many Gentiles. The Jewish leaders wouldn’t hear it.

They were there to preach the good news to everyone, but only those who had no tradition in the faith were able to hear it. A strong gospel message was met with resistance by those closest to the story. Do we ever find ourselves already “knowing too much” to be open to meeting with Jesus in fresh new ways? May we be open to receiving a gospel message meant for us, as the Gentiles were in those days.

Author: Kyle Tyler


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