Adapt and Receive

October 24th, 2022

Judges 4:1-10

The curtain opens on a couple of interesting characters: Deborah and Barak. Deborah is a prophetess who emits confidence in God and flexibility to engage people in God’s plan. Barak is a leader and warrior, but has limited vision that doesn’t go beyond his own abilities. The setting is important to note as well, because war stories of the Old Testament are sometimes difficult to understand in the context of God’s loving nature. It’s helpful to keep in mind a running theme of scripture: the God of self-giving love constantly seeks a relationship with His creation.

Beyond the human characters in this story, this passage shows God’s desire to provide abundantly for God’s people by freeing them from the oppression of Canaan. Barak is letting fear prevent him from trusting in how faithful God is. Deborah is a pillar of stability in adapting with Barak’s hesitancy.

Like Deborah, how might God be inviting us to adapt our plans to take part in God’s plan? Or like Barak, what in our spirit is preventing us from receiving the abundant provision God has for us?

Author: Deanna Hayden


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