Good News

October 22nd, 2022

John 3:11-21

John 3, verses 16 and—to a lesser extent—17, seem to be two of the most memorized and quoted scriptures. There’s good reason for this. Believe in Jesus, who came to save the world, and you will live forever. It’s the gospel. These are worthy of memorization and being played on repeat.

However, because they are so succinct, they also seem to get used in tactics that Brennan Manning might call “conversion by concussion” (The Ragamuffin Gospel). He likens some evangelistic approaches to swinging a sledgehammer at the un-saved, trying to slam them into submission with a few tough-love truths and some quotable scripture.

Remember, however, the gospel means good news. Good news for this life and the next. God sent His Son out of love. That’s good news. He didn’t come to condemn us, but to save us. That’s good news. He came for a transforming relationship with us now, in this world. That’s good news. Everlasting life is the hopeful plan for everyone. That’s good news.

Author: Kyle Tyler


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