Take Inventory

September 9th, 2022

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Exodus 4:21-31

God has equipped you to do more than you probably realize. We see an example of this in the earliest part of Exodus 4:21-31. Specifically, let’s focus for a moment on the word “all” in verse 21. I AM doesn’t over-equip Moses. Seems like God is saying, “Lay it all out there. Show off my power. Not to bring glory to yourself, but to call attention to who I am.”

You might have a specific way you find yourself ministering. You might have found a lane and just want to stay in it. That’s great. But don’t become close-minded about the ways God has equipped and is equipping you. Maybe you’re in a rut, or you’re not actively ministering right now because you can’t seem to find that which fits your skill set.

An introspective look at a life long-given to Jesus will likely reveal a much longer skill set than perhaps you’ve considered in a while. Maybe you should make a list of the ways you’ve been equipped. Then look at your church’s needs. Consider “all.” Then go.

Author: Kyle Tyler

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One Response to “Take Inventory”

  1. Marcela Luna Says:

    September 9th, 2022 at 6:03 am

    Amen. Wow. What a powerful word. Right when I needed it the most. That’s how God works. He sends His Word to our hearts and he knows what we need even before we ask Him. Matthew 6:8

    I have been given the privilege to speak the word of God at my local church this Sabbath. And I’ve been preparing all week at times feeling burdened with unexpected responsibilities that came my way. But John 14:1 and Matthew 11:28 kept appearing in my heart. And now Exodus 4:11-12. Wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you Reflecting God and our Father in Heaven. Yes, He will help me to speak and tell me what to say. Boom, just like that. Amen!

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