Never Solo

September 10th, 2022

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John 8:21-30

It was Jesus’ unique communion with the Father that gave Him His authority. In John 8:28, Jesus points back to the Father as His source and His captain. He says He does nothing on His own. Where will this end up for Him? On a cross. He knew it, but He was committed to it anyway.

Imagine being so committed to our relationship with God that we did nothing on our own. Imagine if every move of every day was done in order to lift up (the Greek here means “exalt”) our Maker. Imagine if, even in the smallest things, we considered our place in the story of grace as we did it, or even as our reason for it. Imagine if we stuck to this narrative even as it led us to our cross. Imagine following God to a place in which we didn’t defend ourselves, didn’t try to get the last word, and remained committed to love even our enemies in word and action to the last. Imagine the authority God would command in the world through you.

Author: Kyle Tyler

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