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September 8th, 2022

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Exodus 4:13-20

As we accept whatever call God has placed on our lives, there’s really no sense in explaining to God all the ways in which we are ill-equipped for the job at hand. God knows we aren’t equipped on our own. We aren’t called to this because of what we bring to the table. We’re called because of what I AM brings to the table through us. Sure, many of us are equipped to handle different roles in the priesthood of believers, but thanks be to God for that!

Moses had lots of reasons he wasn’t the guy. The Lord’s anger burns in verse 14, and it appears that God gives in to Moses’ hesitancy and offers Aaron as a helper. But does God give in? It seems (we learn in that same verse) that Aaron was already on his way to meet Moses. Coincidence or design? Maybe you can decide. All we know is God doesn’t just offer theoretical answers for Moses’ reluctance, but real-world solutions.

God equips in evident and tangible ways.

Author: Kyle Tyler

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