Encouraging Each Other

July 22nd, 2022

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Romans 15:1-7

I can have a sharp tongue when I am frustrated or stressed. I get overwhelmed and pay less attention to my words, and almost always inevitably end up hurting people I love. It is a problem, and one that I am trying to overcome as I deepen my relationship with Jesus.

Romans 15 is a convicting one. We are reminded that our words are important, and that we are to be lifting each other up as followers of Jesus. Instead of engaging in petty discord and arguments with our neighbors, we are supposed to be handing out encouragement in whatever shape that may be. When we are kind and uplifting to each other, it reflects the goodness of God as He works through us.

What kind of witness to the world are we when all we can do is squabble and fight? That is not a community that is appealing, nor is it one that glorifies God. We are called to be kind and accepting, to encourage each other, and to work together.

Author: Lexi Sunberg


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