Get Up!

May 25th, 2022

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Acts 9:32-43

For 8 years, Aeneas lay still, paralyzed, bedridden. He watched life continue on around him. He observed the comings and goings of others, but he remained stuck. Life was passing him by.

Tabitha had been living life, giving lavishly for the good of others. She practiced what she preached until the day she fell ill and passed away. Her friends grieved deeply. They wept over the evidence that she’d lived a life that mattered.

Peter came across Aeneas first and then Tabitha. They were in different situations, but the word Peter delivered was the same, “Anist?mi.” He simply told them to “get up.” Each obeyed, and as a result, not only did they experience a miracle that brought them into a new life, but others came to faith because of their healing.

Friend, are you down? Are you tired? Have you been cloaked in death or stuck in your circumstances? Anist?mi. Get up! There is new life in this day for your good, for the salvation of many and ultimately for the glory of God!

Author: Sarah Kinzer


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