Look for the Listeners

May 24th, 2022

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Acts 28:23-31

We have all witnessed arguments which are fruitless from the beginning. They take place all around us: on social media, at a family gathering, around the company coffee pot. A point is raised and a counter point is given, but no one shifts from their starting position. Emotions are heightened, wheels are spun, but no ground is gained.

Paul welcomed the Jews in Rome to come visit. He taught them. Yet still, some refused to believe. Paul didn’t let this deter him from continuing to welcome and witness. Instead, he returned to the truth spoken by Isaiah, that some people are open and some people are not.

It can be tempting to press on to win an argument or to make a point. However, when you present the gospel consider doing as Paul did. Be consistently welcoming and sensitive to those who are willing to listen.

People are not worn into accepting Christ. They are welcomed into the family led by the Spirit who sparks their minds and hearts, their eyes and ears, to understand what they hear. Our job is not to force or coerce, but to welcome.

Author: Sarah Kinzer


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