Thwarted Travel Plans

April 18th, 2022

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Acts 16:1-10

It is part of the human experience to have a travel schedule that does not go as planned. It can be frustrating to have our plans changed without our consent. In simply trying to get from point A to point B, we are often delayed in traffic, stuck in an airport, or moving slowly in a crowd of people. Those that travel often must surrender a certain amount of control because they know it is impossible to plan every minute of the trip. They become accustomed to ever-changing schedules.

Paul had originally intended to travel with Barnabas, but after their disagreement, he took Silas as his traveling companion instead. This was a change in plans before the journey even began! Paul and Silas had a travel route mapped out, but when God showed them a different way, they adjusted their plans to fit God’s leading.

If we walk with God long enough, maybe we will learn to expect Him to point out an alternate path. Will we surrender control of our life journey to God so that we follow His plan instead of our own?

Author: Dana Porter

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  1. Gloria Townsend Says:

    April 18th, 2022 at 10:57 am

    this is so difficult.
    . Scheduling
    Dr. Appts . And
    takes a lot of
    Help God.

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