A Holy Mystery

April 17th, 2022

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1 Corinthians 15:51-58

Paul pens the phrase “a holy mystery.” Then he describes this wondrous day where believers, both dead and alive, shall be changed in an instant.

I confess that at times I struggle when I imagine this day. It seems so fantastical. I can only paint a picture in my mind that I am sure is inaccurate, at best. However, what I return to time and time again is how God does what He says He will do. I can trust in the second coming of Christ with the same conviction as I do the first coming.

While we wait in the middle, rejoicing in the recollection and anticipating the return, our lives are an echo of this promise. We who have died with Christ, live with Christ, and this is the type of life we are promised in the here and now. A life free of the sting and victory of death. The victory which God has claimed for us was claimed in the past, is present in our present, and will be more fully known in the future.

What a holy mystery, indeed!

Author: Sarah Kinzer

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