All Nations

April 16th, 2022

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Matthew 12:15-21

“The nations” calls to mind a great diversity of thought, practices, experiences, appearances, and expectations. We observe regularly how people allow diversity to divide them, instead of bringing them together. Yet, the Bible repeatedly assures us that all nations will be unified around Christ. How can this be?

As Jesus fulfills the words of the prophet Isaiah, He models how unity in diversity is possible. He speaks justice. He heals all. He is not given to quarreling. When He finds brokenness or waning passion, He does not give up on it. He tends to people until justice is seen through to victory.

Jesus does not do these things with partiality. He is able to unify all, because He serves all and He does so consistently.

If we long to draw others to Christ in order that they might place their hope in Him, we must follow this example. The results we will see by following this uncommon model will be unlike anything the world could ever manufacture.

Author: Sarah Kinzer

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