Just As He Said

April 15th, 2022

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Matthew 28:1-10

In Matthew 28, women watched Jesus die. They watched Him be buried. They hadn’t left Him until it was all finished. It had happened, just as Jesus had said it would.

At dawn after the Sabbath, they did not hesitate. They headed to the tomb. What would they find there? Guards and grief? Ritual and regret?

As they arrived, so did the angel. These women, however afraid they felt, stood with open eyes and ears ready to see and hear whatever transpired next.

The angel told them to not be afraid. The tomb was empty, opened not to let Jesus escape, because Jesus had needed no help with that. It was open so we could see in. These women, witnesses of His death and burial, became witnesses of Jesus’s faithfulness.

Our hope is secure, in the face of death, in all kinds of burials, and in receiving unexpected news. We can stand in witness of all kinds of terrifying events, eyes and ears open, because Jesus is faithful.

Just as He said.

Author: Sarah Kinzer

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