Small Group—Big Benefit

April 19th, 2022

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Acts 16:11-24

In Acts 16, we are told how the Lord opened Lydia’s heart to respond to the gospel. It sounds as if she had already been worshiping God before this meeting of Paul and his traveling companions with the group of women gathered outside the city gate. Something special happens when we gather with other believers.

Meeting in small groups within a larger church body is rewarding and vital. The simple act of gathering with other believers and hearing how God is working in their lives encourages us in our own journey. We often hear another person offer insight that never occurred to us. It also helps to hear others’ struggles and to understand we are not alone. Small groups allow us to carry each other’s burdens together, so that we do not have to carry them alone.

Another amazing benefit is when people really begin to know us (quirks and all) and choose to love us anyway; we can experience a wonderful feeling of love and acceptance! If your church or community does not organize small groups, be encouraged to start your own!

Author: Dana Porter


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