Celebrate Life

April 1st, 2022

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Luke 15:22-32

The prodigal’s brother and Jonah may have been cut from the same cloth. Both seemed to be frustrated because of the generosity offered to those they deemed unworthy. The other son was unable to celebrate his brother’s homecoming because he didn’t think his brother deserved it. Jonah sulked because God was compassionate. Jonah would have rather died than for the Ninevites to be recipients of God’s compassion. (Jonah 4:1-3)

I’m glad I’m not God. I’m glad that God is the one who gets to sort everything out. In the meantime, the words of Jesus are clear that we are to be a people who love others as God has loved us (John 13:34). Life is worth celebrating. There is amazing sanctity to life in all of its forms. No matter who it is or what they have done, we should be able to catch glimpses of a holy God in the lives of others. It may be more difficult in some, but it is there.

Let us look for reasons to celebrate the life that God is bringing about in others, even those from whom we have distanced ourselves.

Author: Jeremy Selvidge

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