March 31st, 2022



Psalm 41:1-13

My father-in-law as a great man. He loved his Lord, family, country, community, and church. He dealt with a long list of health issues that slowly took his life a few years ago. There were more than a few trips to where he lived because we had received a call that he was in the hospital once again.

We wanted answers to his conditions. We wondered why God wouldn’t just take it all away and make him whole. We wondered why such a good man had to struggle in so many ways and why it was hard to get the answers we thought we should have.

There were two things that got us through the years of uncertainty. First was our faith in a God who we knew was sustaining him as well as us through it all. Second was his faith in a God who was sustaining him on “his bed of illness.” Things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped but through it all, even though it was hard at times, we knew God was sustaining us. Ours wasn’t a baseless hope in God. It was a faith rooted in the ongoing faithfulness of God.

Author: Jeremy Selvidge

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