Without A Doubt

March 30th, 2022



Psalm 31:14-24

“I trust you are well?” These words are a greeting. They are said to someone we hope is well. We usually don’t know all that we need to in order to know someone is well. The greeting is a question that hopes for a good answer.

When you say you trust in the Lord, are you speaking in confidence or uncertainty? Let’s consider the words of Psalm 31 as the words of Jesus. The parallel story lines remind us that this is also our story. David, Jesus, and others have proclaimed with confidence their trust in God. They would clearly push aside any notion of this trust being mere wishful thinking. The evidence of God’s faithfulness builds an insurmountable case for God’s practical presence in their lives.

Take a moment today to make your case for trust in God. Write down the evidence. In what areas have you witnessed the fingerprint of God in and around your life? Has God whispered to you in nature? Has God sustained you in the struggle? Has the joy of God lifted your Spirit? Write it down and then share it—as many times as possible.

Author: Jeremy Selvidge

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