Living With Guilt Isn’t Easy

March 17th, 2022



Proverbs 28:11-18

Proverbs 28:13 tells us, “Whoever conceals their sins does not prosper,” and it is certainly true that unconfessed iniquity can haunt our lives and hinder us from the fullness of life that God intends for us. But this need not be the case; as verse 13 continues, “the one who confesses and renounces (their sins) finds mercy.”

Living with guilt is not easy, and the weight of hidden shame finds its way into every aspect of our lives. Indeed the writer suggests that one who is plagued by the concealment of atrocious transgressions, such as the taking of another life, will long for death and should not be discouraged from seeking such an end. As the writer says “let no one hold them back” (v. 17b).

This may seem callous and hard-hearted to the modern reader, but it highlights the fact that the burden of unconfessed iniquity can make the grave seem desirable. As dark as these images are, the grace and mercy that accompany heartfelt confession illuminates the gloom and brings light to our lives.

Author: Tasha Alison


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